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Hello there, I'm Jerry Litmus….

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All and all I have to say, The vehicle repair business has been pretty good to me… You see I'm a professional auto technician by trade.

I love fixing cars and running a shop.


At one point in my career I had hit a wall that seemed to be impossible to climb, I was making good money but I always seemed to be a little short on cash every month.

Maybe you can relate? Some months were awesome … More than enough.

Some months were downright tough.

I started to look for a way to make passive income so I could dump those tough months once and for all.

Side work, Vending machines, Selling cars, Investing …. I could make money when I needed too, but besides investing in stocks the rest of these endeavors took up the majority of my time.

Time Away From What I Was Working For In The First Place … My Family

I was willing to work and put the time in, however my hard work needed to run on it's own, passively when I was finished with the foundation.

The truth is you can build a real business online that generates a part time, full time, or even more of an income.

Think about it for a second the internet has billions of users, it generates billions of dollars for businesses around the globe every year. From huge corporations to personal blogs, there is a ton of money to be made!

You can make some of it too!

My Start Online…

In my passive income search I eventually landed on the possibility of making cash online, I knew that was it!

After learning everything I could, A LOT OF HARD WORK, and some trial and error…. I finally learned how to build websites and profit passively through my OWN ONLINE BUSINESS!

I Understand Where You Are …

If it's an extra hundred you need a month, or if you are looking to quit your job one day, this is the place that will get you started.

I have been up and down this roller coaster of online business, I know how overwhelming it can be …

I created this site to help people looking to learn the in's and out's the right way … No BS – No Scams.

What this website is not… A magic bullet

There is no magic in building your side hustle. It will take some work on your part.

When I started my online business I found so many “get rich quick schemes” out there.

The truth is there is no get rich quick. Building up any full time business or side hustle will take time, work , and dedication.

You can do this! That's what Luminous Outlook stands for…. A bright outlook on financial days ahead!

The goal….Buying you more time to enjoy life

Let's face it, time is that one thing you just can't seem to get enough of.

Who wants to spend all of their life working away day after day while still feeling broke each week?


Not me….. And you shouldn't either.

Why Not Find A Way To Make Passive Income Online ?

Seriously, why not?….. You most certainly can learn … And do this!

That's what the goal of Luminous Outlook is …. Helping you find that extra cash through an honest and productive online side hustle.

Really how far you want to go is up to you. You can scale up to a full time business if you want.

The instinct that brought you here will be the same force that will get you moving towards more financial freedom and success.

Really there is no reason why anyone willing to put in the time and effort building a little online side gig shouldn't live with less stress and financial worry.

I Have Been There…. Broke And Tired

I remember it like yesterday… Right before Christmas and I was behind on some bills…. Next I was hit with an unexpected expense.

Right before Christmas and barely enough extra cash to get a decent haircut…. Talk about a bad time!

I had enough! I was never going to have a Christmas like that again, Period.

This was a situation that Passive Income could make a little easier!

Why am I telling you this?

Wherever you are with your finances now I have been there, way up and way down … I get it.

Look… I'm not talking about some get-rich-quick junk or making millions of dollars while you sleep crap. I'm you, someone that wants more financial freedom, not some insane program or scam.

What's my side hustle??? I ended up here…. Loving content creation online, helping people, and making money online.

My online business is a place where I can share what I and have learned, giving back to people that are ready to get after it to make their goals reality.

What's My Main Goal?

Motivating you to get started with your online business, teaching what I have learned on my journey, and helping you turn a dream into reality. Let's make a few extra bucks a month on our terms so we can enjoy the time we have here!

You bring the motivation and Luminous Outlook.com will bring the ideas and experience!


To Your Success,

Jerry Litmus

Luminous Outlook.com

Learn how to make money online! ... For free!

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